The Story Behind: You Will Never Give Up On Me


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This beautiful story began in the year 2011, on a special day during the month of August and will always be reminisced by Rachelle’s younger brother, Timothy. In 2011, Pastor Ken Harley who was Timothy’s high school teacher invited Rachelle to come up with a song for his upcoming “Jesus Loves You” Album. Prior to this, Rachelle did not have any song writing experience, but was a passionate worship leader and loved music.

On recording day, Rachelle recorded the song at a make-shift studio in a music room at the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, the high school where the song’s producers Ken and Andrew Bautista worked, and where Timothy studied. Ken recalled that Rachelle was very nervous and her stomach was upset. But everyone was very supportive and encouraged her. The song turned out great and encouraged thousands, as the CDs are still being handed out today through his “Jesus in Mong Kok” Ministry. Andrew also recalled that Rachelle told him that she worked hard on the lyrics before recording. Interestingly, Andrew was already from the Vine Church back in 2011, and Rachelle chose the Vine as her home church after coming back to Hong Kong in 2015.

Like vines, all path crosses and intertwines in the end.

For the piano parts, Rachelle worked with a friend called Isaac. Andrew worked on the guitar, bass and drums. After recording the song, Rachelle went back to Canada for her studies. For the next few months, Rachelle was very excited and asked Ken on several occasions if there were any updates on the song. On January 14, 2012, Ken sent the demo to Rachelle and Timothy, Rachelle being the modest person as she always was, commented that the song was pretty good and she needs time to adjust to hearing her own voice, she also remarked that it would be great to have a backup singer at certain parts and there is room for improvements such as singing with more clarity but she believes that the lyrics will save the song. On the other hand, Timothy was very proud of his sister and immediately sent the demo to family and friends and thanked Ken for giving Rachelle this song recording opportunity. While writing this in 2018, he wants Pastor Ken Harley to know how grateful he is for inviting Rachelle to record this song, as the song is helping him through difficult times.

Below is the demo of the song, which sounds very much like the final version.

袮、永不放棄我 You’ll Never Give Up On Me Demo


Ken then reached out to Rachelle asking about the name of the song, as the “Jesus Loves You” Album was about to be released. Rachelle named the song “You, Never Give Up On Me” and used the Chinese “You” for God. At the same time, Ken told Rachelle that the song would be the 7th song on the CD, right after Johanna Ma’s song, Johanna is one of Rachelle’s dear sisters in Christ and she felt thrilled to be put right after her. The Word 7 also has interesting implications.

Jesus Loves You CD Cover

Back then, her younger brother asked Rachelle with a hint of annoyance, “Were you singing to God with your song?”. Rachelle replied “Yes, the unidentified ‘You’ in the song is God and Jesus Christ, but I do not rule out the possibility that it is also my chosen one on earth.”. Today writing this, the answer was finally made clear, the “You” in the song is God and Jesus Christ, therefore I have updated all the lyrics to reflect this and is greatly encouraged. After the CD was released, Mom spent sometime writing out the lyrics back in June 18, 2012.

Recently I have chance to go through some files on April 19, 2018, and saw her testimonial for the first mandarin song she wrote back in March 20, 2012.

Between April 19 -21, 2018, our family was wondering if we should write down the English lyrics, but on April 21, 2018, I found out that there is a Page two of the document, containing the English Lyrics written by Rachelle! I attached it right after the Chinese Lyrics, I believe Rachelle’s testimony will bless you:

Testimony about my first official Mandarin song

It was truly a miracle how this song was first written, sung, recorded and produced. It was a random chance how a Pastor sent out this invitation to me to record my own songs in August, 2011 in Hong Kong. It was a project that hoped to unite the churches in Hong Kong by recording songs written by different worship leaders in Hong Kong. It would be vessels containing the Father’s presence and glory to bless churches in Hong Kong and China. At first I was really realistic, not to hope for anything too big because I was disappointed in the past how recording things didn’t work out.

My plan was to bring two songs and let the team pick one of them. I was thinking they might like the first song I wrote some time ago (thinking it might be the most original, anointed song :P) as I just started the other song that morning. I remember I was sick the whole week and I wasn’t well enough to finish writing the second song. But God really knew what He was doing when I was completely clueless. He surprised me and so many in the music production team. This song that I started thinking about on the day of recording…. The lyrics came out in 20 mins that morning after breakfast. The melody came out in an hour after some prayer time. I remember I was struggling with some intense stomach pain but after much prayer and warfare, the stomach pain was gone and everything in the song came together! Despite all these, I still thought it was nothing too amazing and be confident to boast about. I thought it was an alright song, nothing too spectacular. But as I was going through the song arrangement & planning the music tone with the music production team, there was so much creativity and after much refinement, the song sounded so much better than it first came out. It sounded marvellous! The recording was unusually fast as well, it was completed in 2 hours! The music producer loved my melody and what’s better is this song was and sounded very mainstream (there are no religious words like “God” & sounds like asian pop songs). My prayers is it will reach out to many in the world. It is a song that was written based on my victory over 2 years of some dark period in my life. I believe God is healing me as I’m sharing this part of this story to testify His resurrection power in my life. I pray it will bring healing to the broken- hearted and set the captives free. All glory be unto Father God!

Mom recorded her playing the song on August 9, 2011 after she first wrote and recorded it, with the original chords on the piano, unfortunately we cannot locate the chord sheet, but was blessed to have recorded this.

[I Will Add Video Soon]

After the song was released, we Skyped with Rachelle on a Father’s day because she was in Canada, so we can listen to it together with dad on June, 17, 2012 and I sang an off-pitch version of it.

[I Will Add Video Soon]

She also performed the song at a home jamming session on July, 22, 2012, where she went through the chords for the song and dad helped her write it down, then for some reason, we decided I can play just the guitar with just her voice but of course it didn’t worked out well, since my sense of rhythm was horrible. Then we jammed “Worthy is the Lamb”.

[I Will Add Video Soon]

Throughout her lifetime, I have had the great honor of jamming this wonderful song with her at a friend’s 18th birthday party on August 25, 2012, we also jammed “Beauty for Ashes by Shane & Shane” (thanks Enoch, the drummer in the video’s reminder), “Deciphering Me by Brooke Fraser” (Rachelle and I both wanted to go to her mini-concert in Hong Kong but it was cancelled as Brooke was unwell) and also “Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis” with my high school friend, where Rachelle sang backup vocal.

[I Will Add Video Soon]

Below is a photo of an open-mic event at Toronto on July 24, 2013, where we jammed the acoustic version of the song to non-mandarin speaking audiences. On that day, Rachelle shared the idea that music is not limited by language barriers.

I believe my sister would have prayed that this song would bless you, as it has helped me go through very difficult times, below is the final version which was released on the CD and also the lyrics to the song. I hope that someday, I can jam this beautiful song with Rachelle once again, in that Heavenly Home, by then my sense of rhythm should be better…


Love Beyond Words for Rachelle – Tim

(Your Guardian Angel, I Hope I am)

袮、永不放棄我 You Will Never Give Up On Me


、永不放棄我 5:13  (原創曲、詞、唱 : 周詠欣)





(副歌) 我要飛翔、飛到月球去,







(副歌) x 2


你、請不要放棄! wow… 你、請不要放棄!

(副歌) x 2



© All Rights Reserved, Rachelle Chau Wing Yan.


English Translation for Chinese Lyrics:

Verse 1

Raindrops fall onto my cheeks

Where is the crystal clear blue sky?

My heart is feeling heavy and burdened

Feels like I am in need of air and water


Pre- Chorus 1

It is little bit difficult to walk, more difficult to even take a step.

Maybe it is time to give up, maybe it is time to stop and wait



I wanna fly, fly to the moon

There I know I will see you

There we will embrace each other forever

And see the meteors fall across the sky


Verse 2

In the hustle and bustle of the city

Not a familiar face that I know

My heart is feeling lonely

It feels like I am in need of a strong chest to rely on


Pre- Chorus 2

It is little bit difficult to walk, more difficult to even take a step

But suddenly I hear your voice

Your voice is gentle yet strong



I wanna fly to the moon

There I know I will see you

There we will embrace each other forever

And see the meteors fall across the sky



You, never give up on me

You, never leave me alone

You, please don’t give up

You, please don’t give up



I wanna fly to the moon

There I know I will see you

There we will embrace each other forever

And see the stars drop across the sky


You, the way how you’ve drawn me into your heart

You, will also draw me into your embrace

© All Rights Reserved, Rachelle Chau Wing Yan.