flashlights, glamour, music, DJ, styles.

—– rhythms, stooping, clapping, what do all these mean?

I am proud of my brother who was a DJ apprentice performing on stage last night. It was quite a sight to see him mixing and performing music in this swift manner, but I know behind all the obvious and that is seen, he had put in a lot of hard work. If you would pay attention to the sweat on his cheeks and neck, you could see he did work hard and his hard work was paid off.


Look at the way he moves, moves like a jagger! Although my usual way of seeing DJ music consists of rhythms and clashing of sound, it’s possible to hear some meaning in DJ music. The way how my brother puts the songs together gives you a sense of anticipation, expectation and some gather-ness for happiness. There is an overarching theme of happiness throughout and freedom.


All in all, it’s a pleasant arch in the flow of DJ music and melody to the ears. Something of novelty to me!