On 17th November 2014

I went volunteering with my fellowship at Chung King Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon after work that Friday. I have to say it was a good experience because I was able to give the little that I had- the energy, hands and feet to serve the asylum seekers whom I found praying and singing aloud.

It was wonderful to see how these asylum seekers were praying and singing aloud with desperation and passion. Their expression helped me to understand how it looked like when people were in desperation and in lack materially speaking. I was able to hand out dinner rice boxes and pour out coke to asylum seekers and some homeless people. Many responded to this giving with activeness and despondency. I wasn’t hungry and I gave away my dinner rice box to an asylum seeker, he gladly took it and returned to me a smile.

Awhile back when I was working with asylum seekers from a distance, the experience felt different. I was doing behind scene work, writing up questions for interview, conducting interview and photo-shoot. I was like creating and writing a story for the asylum seekers at that time whereas when I was physically present at CKM, I was watching a segment of a story appearing, capturing moments of the asylum seekers’ expressions. I would say the expressions and activity consist of a more surreal experience and while documenting stories was a more reflective, imaginative experience.

There was a presence of love, generosity in the action of giving from those who could give more and those who were more hungry to receive.

I personally didn’t offer much but I would rather say it was a meaningful evening to experience.


Photo Credit: http://76crimes.com/2012/07/18/refugee-aid-groups-stumble-when-faced-with-lgbts/