12.10.2014 ~Children-Draw-Learning~


I’m privileged to assist children drawing the past two weeks..

I was able to find out a few interesting things about children..

One thing I find interesting about children is when they are focused, they are very focused. When they are distracted, there is one way of getting their attention back. Ask them the colour of pastel chalks they are using and the pictures we are asking them to draw.  When they are focused, man, they are really cute

Getting children to draw can be fun and difficult at the same time. It can be difficult because they might not fully know what they are drawing that moment. You need to guide them verbally, if necessary you need to guide them using your hands on their hands. Then, we learn to appreciate the art work together with the “ah-ha” moment afterwards.

It was a good time to explore the fun of drawing together. Thankful!


Photo Credit: http://www.britishairways.com/assets/images/information/special-assistance/children-travelling-alone/760×160-girl-playing-outside-156855834.jpg